How Could Internet of Things Design the Hospitals of the Future

What is IoT?

  • has low range (because of its high frequency), which is why many antennas are needed
  • has some potential security threats (more about this in a minute)
  • can interfere with existing technology in weather forecasting and aviation

Smart hospitals

  • When a patient enters an ambulance, data is sent to the hospital in real-time. This allows the hospital to organise their resources well in advance.
  • The hospital wards make use of “wearable trackers, smart touchscreens, robots for supply delivery and cleaning, infusion devices, and real-time monitoring and warning systems”.
  • Infusion devices are alerting nurses via their wearables if anything requires their attention.
  • Patients can receive remote consultations and monitor their treatment.
  • And more.

Real-time alerting system

Extending it with blockchain



I’m a medical student and and I publish and develop the Medical Notes newsletter about digital health.

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